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Weight Loss

By Sarah-Jane Morris

Dip Hyp CS, Dip CP, Ad Dip Cp, ISVA

Weight Loss

The past few years have put stress on many of us. Those who have been at home in these uncertain times struggling with the sense of being out of control, making these times an ideal environment to comfort eat.

Hypnotherapy Weight Loss requires on average a weekly session for the first month to re-programme the subconscious mind to react to food in a different way. The clients progress will then be discussed and assessed, and we can decide what further sessions are required and when. Ideally every two weeks eventually reducing to once a month and when required as a top up.

Occasionally a client will come for weight loss but there will be other underlying issues that will need to be addressed to achieve the weight loss. Maybe there is an event or a situation that the client has experienced that has not been dealt with. This will need to be explored in my opinion to make real progress.