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Somatic trauma Therapy: is a unique therapeutic approach to trauma directly  addressing the nervous system dysregulation and focuses on the internal internal capacity for regulation and the inbuilt resilience of the body. It focuses on the felt sense , the interoceptive and extroceptive awareness. The awareness of the visceral sensations of the body. The therapist supports the client to make sense of these sensations by using Peter Levine’s SIBAM model.

Cognitive behaviour Therapy: CBT focuses mainly on the here and now. It’s a type of talking therapy that aims to change the way we think ( cognition) and act ( Behaviour) in order to help cope with and manage problems we may face in our lives. It focuses on thoughts ,feelings and behaviours.

Eye Movement Desensitisation reprogramming: EMDR therapy involves recalling a stressful past event and reprogramming the memory in the light of a new positive belief, using rapid eye movements to facilitate the process. Many clients have found EMDR to be extremely beneficial.

Psychodynamic Psychoanalytic Therapy: Helps identify underlying problematic patterns and behaviours by analysing the transference and countertransference within the clients’ relationships. Therapist and client can work towards emotional understanding and awareness of current unhelpful behaviours and find new ways of creating positive behaviour that can help build healthy relationships and awareness and emotional balance for the future. Solution Focused therapy is a short-term goal focused evidence -based therapeutic approach which incorporates highlighting positive psychological principals and practices. It supports the client to focus more on solutions for the future rather than focusing on the problems. It instils hope and focuses on goals to achieve, encouraging, motivational and positive behaviour change so that the sense of achievement becomes a way of life going forwards.

Mindfulness: Focuses on the present time, the here & now rather than the past. Considering what you feel, hear, see, smell what you can visualise or sense. Giving you a complete sense of just being in the here and now.

Relational therapy: Looks at different relationships and interactions, learnt behaviours, unhealthy and healthy relationships and focusing on unlearning those learnt behaviours and introducing positive interaction. Looking at anger, frustration, sadness and how others behaviour impact on the client. How to learn assertiveness and positive communication in order to get your message across.

Bereavement Therapy: We all experience grief at some point in our lives and having someone to listen to you can help the grieving process. Maybe there was unresolved issues, or the loss was sudden. Sometimes you feel you will never recover but in time with the right support you can learn to come to terms with the loss. It takes time, sometimes many years. Some people in your family do not understand your grief. It can help to share with a Counsellor what you are going through.

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