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Sarah-Jane Morris  MHCS (ACC)

Adv Hypnotherapist & Adv Counsellor

Work History & Qualifications

I have worked as a therapist for 13 years. I had a difficult start in life I met my partner at the age of 29 and then married brought two beautiful daughters into the world and started to learn about myself and how to be a new mum. Each step of the way I found I would trigger and have to make sense of how my body was reacting to certain situations. Learning how not to be angry with the world.

From a young age I was always creative and with my children small I started an embroidery business from my kitchen table, and it grew, eventually moving into shop premises. It was a distraction. I realised that I wasn’t very good at selling but I was good at listening to the parents who came into the shop to buy their children school uniform. I decided that maybe I was on the wrong path and started to train as a Counsellor & Hypnotherapist. It was a difficult time as with many of these courses you have to look within and solve your own troubles before being able to help others.

In 2010 I qualified as a Counsellor & Hypnotherapist. In 2011 I qualified as an Advanced Counsellor and in 2012 I qualified as an Advanced Hypnotherapist. Each year I have developed my skills and attended many continuing professional development training days.

I have volunteered for the charity “Revival” Counselling adults who have been sexually abused or raped as children. I have worked for many more charities over the years as well as building my own Counselling and hypnotherapy client base.

I have worked for:

The British Red Cross as a Support@home support worker.

Winchester Rape and Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre as an Independent Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre

Basingstoke Rape and Sexual Abuse Crisis Centre as an Independent Sexual Abuse Advocate

Hampshire Domestic Violence Forum at Aldershot CAB as a IDVS Supervisor for a Nepalese IDVA.

Swindon Women’s Aid as an Independent sexual abuse and Domestic violence advocate

Wiltshire Mind as a Group facilitator

Swindon & Gloucestershire as a Wellbeing Advisor to 16–25 year olds

Wiltshire College in Chippenham working as a Wellbeing Advisor for 16 19 year olds.

Now I work from my Home (Pet free, smoke free & no children) In Calne and from The Therapy Rooms In Chippenham Wiltshire depending on your needs or where you live, I also offer a Counselling service via Zoom or any other platform that you wish. I have asked my clients if they mind being at my home address and the answer is no, It’s quiet, peaceful and a relaxed space.

Not everyone can drive and there is a half hour walk from the Town hall where the 55 bus stops in Calne to my home address in Quemerford, Calne. However, The Therapy Rooms In Chippenham is an ideal location for clients who live in Chippenham or sourrounding areas and it’s in walking distance from the train & bus station in Chippenham.

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